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Group DVDs, Pregnancy Issues/Info.
Item D/C Stop Smoking Now
Item Number 7742SS-D
Format DVD
Length 30 mins.
Size 5.5W x 7.5H x 0.688T
Weight 3.2 Oz.
Status D/C, While quantities last
Description: Hosted by Rob Reiner. The DVD explains the reasons not to smoke when you're pregnant, and provides support, guidance and other information to encourage pregnant women to stop smoking for the health of their baby- and themselves. Developed in associaton with the American Legacy Foundation.


This product is no longer available

Customer Reviews

Such good and helpful information to have available for our clients who smoke. They really understand why they shouldn't smoke.
By: Christa Wetzel
Inserted: 7/30/2014

Wonderful information! We show this not to just moms but dads, teens, grandmas, grandpas and all caregivers. Great for programs, training teen for babysitting jobs. This message is vital to get out there. Smoking is very harmful to unborn and all those living. We use it extensively in Our Pregnancy Care Center.
By: Sammie
Inserted: 2/25/2014

The video is mostly effective when introducing the idea of stopping smoking, but it is a little boring.
By: Autumn
Inserted: 9/24/2013

Our clients are also impressed by the second hand smoke effects during and after pregnancy-- even if they don't smoke themselves, they want to be more careful about exposure after this lesson.
By: Barbara
Inserted: 5/13/2013

The DVD and worksheet in Lesson 2.1 EWYL give good information about the effects of smoking on babies. Clients are surprised to find the many negative effects - not just before birth but as the child grows. I would love to see a new DVD come out with even more current information.
By: Sue
Inserted: 5/10/2013

We appreciate that this video starts out gently, not scolding or shaming our smoking clients, but stating the facts and giving them ideas and incentives to stop smoking. Many clients have cut back or stopped smoking after watching this video.
By: marie
Inserted: 1/21/2013

The illustration of the fetus puffing away on a cigarette really captures the attention of our EWYL clients. We have free brochures from the American Cancer Society which we give when we present this lesson.
By: Janet McPherson
Inserted: 11/17/2012

Many of our clients are surprised to learn about the negative effects that smoking can have on their baby before and after birth. It motivates our clients to put more thought into quitting smoking.
By: lauren
Inserted: 10/26/2012

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