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Group EWYL, Updates
Item Life Skills Curriculum Updates 2017
Item Number 7601EWYL-L17
Weight 6.5 Lbs.
Description: The 2017 Life Skills upgrade is an amazing deal. It adds 10 new DVDs replacing some of the older and less accessible DVDs with new content that is both captivating and informative. Designed for the new generations, these DVDs will help guide them with financial decisions from the most basic to those looking ahead in their lives.
Please Note: The 2017 Life Skills update will not ship until March 2018.
Update includes the following DVD's:
77988M1 Fighting the Impulse to Spend
77989M2 The Monster of Debt
77990M3 Credit Cards, Friend or Foe?
77991M4 Financial Emergencies
77992M5 Budgeting 101
77993M6 Credit Scores
77994M7 Buying a Car
77995M8 Career or Job? Planning for more
77996M9 Staying out of Debt
77997MX Your Financial Future
All 10 lessons will be on a disc.Lessons are as follows:
Lesson L2.1 Fighting the Impulse to Spend
Lesson L2.2 The Monster of Debt
Lesson L2.3 Credit Cards, Friend or Foe?
Lesson L2.4 Financial Emergencies
Lesson L2.5 Budgeting 101
Lesson L3.1 Credit Scores, the Good, the Bad the Ugly
Lesson L3.2 Buying a Car
Lesson L3.3 Career or Job? Planning for more
Lesson L3.4 Staying out of Debt
Lesson L3.5 Your Financial Future
Printed Lessons: You may purchase the printed lessons already in protective sleeves by searching for item 7601EWYL-L17P




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