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We will replace your scratched True to Life Productions discs free of charge. Just follow these easy steps:
  1. Send us your scratched discs in their cases to:
    Heritage House, c/o Disc Replacement
    919 S Main Street, Snowflake AZ 85937
  2. Add $10 for return shipping & handling.
  3. Throw in a business card so we can ship them back.
That is it! We will send new discs in 2-4 days after receiving them. There is no time limit or restrictions.

Additional Media

Title: Preview Video

Type: Link

Inserted: 12/29/2017

Description: 15 minute preview

Group DVDs, Other
Item Pregnancy Loss
Item Number 77984PL
Format DVD
Length 21 mins.
Published 2/28/2018 12:00:00 AM
Size 5.5W x 7.5H x 0.688T
Weight 3.2 Oz.
Description: Pregnancy brings hopes and dreams and the realization that you have created life. A little person is conceived who will be connected to you for the rest of your life. But sadly, not all pregnancies survive to full term. Some never make it through the first division of that precious zygote that is your child. Some never make it through the first trimester. And some end further into the pregnancy. Often, friends and family unknowingly deny a woman the right to grieve after miscarriage. This video looks at pregnancy loss, encourages a woman to grieve the loss of her unborn child, and celebrates the precious life she helped create but never got to hold.




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