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Group Literature, Packs
Item Breast Feeding Set, Spanish
Item Number 9343BS-S
Length 4 titles
Weight 3.75 Lbs.
Description: A mother's breast milk is perfectly suited for her baby - both immediately after birth and continuing through the first year. This set of four brochures includes a discussion on the great benefits of breastfeeding, the changing nature of the milk as the needs of the baby changes, and detailed instruction on how eating properly so that she experiences no problems. If problems arise, she can find solutions in the "Problems and Solutions" brochure. And, if circumstances demand, she can even learn how to properly bottle feed her child.
Each set contains 50 of each title as well as a table top display stand.
Titles included are:

Breast is Best (item no. 9470WB-S)
How to Breastfeed (item no. 9471HB-S)
Problems and Solutions (item no. 9472BP-S)
Formula Feeding (item no. 9473FF-S)




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