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Group DVDs, Pregnancy Issues/Info.
Item Pregnancy A to Z, English & Spanish
Item Number 7779PA
Format DVD
Length 159 mins.
Published 1/1/2014 12:00:00 AM
Size 5.5W x 7.5H x 0.688T
Weight 3.2 Oz.
Description: Pregnancy A to Z DVD is a comprehensive source of information about pregnancy. The first segment covers the first trimester of pregnancy: emotions, diet, risks, exercise, your growing baby, your provider. The second segment covers the second trimester: preterm labor, your growing baby, checks and tests, preplanning, anesthesia and preparing for your baby. The third segment covers the third trimester: pre-term labor, diet and exercise, your growing baby, your provider and pre-delivery. The fourth segment covers labor and delivery including the stages of labor, pushing and delivery. The fifth segment covers your newborn baby including jaundice and circumcision. The sixth segment covers infant feeding: breastfeeding, bottle feeding and common breastfeeding problems. The seventh segment covers postpartum information and the final segment is for Dad's covering pregnancy coaching and after delivery. Also contains Spanish Sub-Titles.


Customer Reviews

This series is excellent. The first DVD that includes information about the trimesters is perfect for our clients. It holds invaluable information. I do advise against letting clients see the second DVD as it discusses genetic testing and abortion if the client wishes not to have a child with a genetic disorder.
By: Ash
Inserted: 2/4/2015

Every client this DVD applies to, watches it. Our clients enjoy the updated information and style. Almost every time a client watches it, they comment on the helpful information.
By: Beverly
Inserted: 9/17/2014

This updated DVD on the three trimesters of pregnancy has been great to show clients. Its revamped presentation with the Doctor's input as well as personal testimonies from parents relates better to 21st century clients.
By: Barbara
Inserted: 7/24/2014

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